Exhaust System

exhaust system

Exhaust System Service

Does your vehicle have a loud exhaust? Is it rattling or the smell of exhaust fumes in your cabin? Our shop specializes in complete exhaust system repairs and replacement.

Exhaust Leak Diagnosis: We thoroughly inspect your entire exhaust system from the exhaust manifold to the tailpipe using visual, audio, and gas detection methods to pinpoint any cracks or holes allowing dangerous fumes to leak.

Catalytic Converter Replacement: If your catalytic converter is damaged or plugged, we’ll replace it with an EPA-compliant and CARB-approved direct-fit converter.

Muffler and Pipe Repair: We have the tools and welding equipment to repair or replace mufflers, resonators, tubes, clamps, and hangers quickly and expertly in our shop.

Custom Exhaust Fabrication: Want performance upgrades, or a new system for your classic car, or custom pipes and chrome tips? Our skilled fabricators can do the work you need.

Bring your vehicle in, and we’ll accurately diagnose your exhaust issues. You’ll get a fair price for quality work using top-brand mufflers, pipes, and hardware. Prevent expensive repairs and keep your cabin fume-free.


Proper exhaust system services offer significant benefits by ensuring optimal engine performance and emissions control. Regular maintenance prevents harmful gases from entering the vehicle, promoting cleaner air and reducing environmental safety risks.

Efficient exhaust systems also enhance fuel efficiency, extending the engine’s lifespan while minimizing operational costs. Additionally, timely service identifies and addresses leaks or corrosion, preventing potential safety hazards and costly repairs. Overall, exhaust system maintenance guarantees smoother operation, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and enhanced driving experience.

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