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engine service

Engine Repair Services

When your car’s engine is giving you trouble, our expert technicians have the skills to diagnose and fix any issue. We offer a full range of engine repair and maintenance services.

Tune-Ups: A tune-up optimizes engine performance through parts replacement, system testing, and adjustments to specifications. Tune-ups can restore lost power and mileage.

Oil Leak Repairs: We identify the source of any oil leaks and reseal or replace oil pans, gaskets, seals, and drain plugs.

Head Gasket Replacement: Blown head gaskets allowing coolant and oil to mix are repaired through head gasket replacement and checking the head and block for warpage.

Timing Belt/Chain Services: Faulty timing chains and belts are critical for valve timing and are replaced along with tensioners and guides.

Electrical Diagnostics: Hard starting, no starting, and running poorly can often stem from electrical problems. We troubleshoot any wiring, sensor, distributor, or computer issues.

Machine Shop Services: We offer comprehensive machine shop support for tasks like cylinder boring, crankshaft grinding, valve jobs, and cylinder head milling.

Trust our ASE-certified technicians to get your engine running like new again. We provide quality repairs at competitive prices using reliable OEM or better replacement parts. Talk to us about engine services for your vehicle today.


Maintenance and tune-ups enhance efficiency, extending the engine’s lifespan. Regular checkups detect issues early, preventing costly breakdowns. Improved fuel efficiency reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

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